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Drug addiction is a problem in Minnesota that has to be resolved immediately. In most cases, patients are checked in by relatives into drug detox centers or drug rehabilitation centers. There are also cases where the drug addict himself makes the decision. In both situations however, the challenge of detoxification is equally hard.

Detoxification requires an immediate withdrawal from the addictive drug or drugs to rid the body of toxins left by the substance. For long time addicts, their bodies will undergo painful re-adjustments or withdrawal symptoms. These include shaking, vomiting, nausea, and profuse sweating.

Treatment of drug addiction varies according to the principles that a facility upholds. The success of the programs in Minnesota also largely depends on the patient and the expertise of the facility.

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Choosing the Right Detox Center

Different kinds of drug abuse require different kinds of treatment. But a general guiding principle dictates the success of any program. And this is based on years of study and statistics. It has been found out that the combination of medication and counseling in a program spells the difference in patient recovery.

A detox center in Minnesota that understands the major role of therapeutic counseling in encouraging a patient to continue the program and prevention relapses is your best chance for recovery. Also, if the patient is suffering from multiple substance abuses, the detox center must be able to handle addressing all of them in their program.

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Group counseling is an effective tool that guides an individual to full recovery. There is strength in number they say. And in the company of people struggling to win against the same disease, a patient may find the resolve to continue the fight.

An experienced and well-rounded drug detox center also knows the importance of family support. The center you choose must also be able to involve your family in your treatment. There are certain things that they need to understand and be guided through.

Drug Rehab Centers - How to Find a Keeper and Pass on the Lemons

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Alcoholism is treatable, people can and do get better and the body has a remarkable ability to heal; but there is no cure, it's a disease for life.

Alcoholism is considered a progressive disease that can only be kept in check through periods of remission (fortunately remission can last a lifetime). Alcoholics who continue to drink will find that their use intensifies, that they need to drink more and more often, and they will also find the consequences of this use intensify. If it's bad now, it's only going to get worse.

The pace of progression varies greatly by the individual. For some, it takes only months of use to observe a remarkable and tragic intensification; others can drink heavily for years; but in the end, it always gets worse - no exceptions.

People without a dependency to alcohol will not see a progression in their use behaviors over time, alcoholics will.

Ask yourself this?

Do you drink more or more often now than you did, last year, or two years ago, or five years ago?

Are the effects of alcohol on your life, health and happiness greater than they were 1-2-5 years ago?

If you answer yes to either, there is a strong possibility that you are an alcoholic.

OK, what now?

If you are an alcoholic, accept that you are an alcoholic for life. There is no cure for the disease, and if you want to get better you will have to stop drinking - and stop for life (don't be afraid; you can do it! Life will be more enjoyable too.)

Accept that alcoholism is a progressive disease, and that if you do not take steps to stop drinking, you will suffer more with every passing year. There is no rock bottom, you can just keep on going down.

Accept also that the longer you wait to get help, the tougher it's going to be to beat your disease. Treatment is always better sooner, rather than later.

Is it all doom and gloom?

No way! You can get better, you can start tomorrow, and you can retake your life health and happiness - and treatment really really works! You don't have to suffer any longer, and once you accept that you are an alcoholic, and that you do need some help; you take a giant step forward to getting better.

Realizing that you have a problem is not bad news, it is in fact very good news.

Treatment works, it works well and you can get better, you'll have to give it your all, but you can get better.

It's a crossroads of life. When you accept that you are an alcoholic, you have two choices, are you going down or are you going up, because you can't stay the same, that's not one of the choices.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease. What are you going to do about it?